Q: I want to try to play badminton at Badmintonclub Delft for the first time. Is that possible?
A: Ofcourse, you can first try for free for three times. We call it ‘sfeerproeven’. Therefore we would ask you to fill this Sfeerproef-formulier
(With this information we can try to add you to the best suitable group. You will be invited by the ‘Technical Commission’ to play and come on over, so we can explain how things work at our badmintonclub. This gives you the possibility to take a look at our club and getting used to training in the specified group)

Q: What happens after 3 times ‘sfeerproeven’?
A: After 3 times ‘for free’, it’s up to you to join or not.

Q: What if I decide to join the club?
A: You can fill out this form: Inschrijvingsformulier

Q: What will happen after joining the club?
A: You will get a confirmation of your membership of the ‘ledenadministratie’ and you will be added to the training group

Q: What about the contribution fees?
A: It depends on your age, howmany trainings you join and if you also join the competition. Information about contribution you can find here